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Souda Plaza collection – Apartment Hotel is located in the heart of Souda, 6.5 km east of central Chania, although the area in between is mostly built-up. Chania international airport lies only 13.8 km away. The town is a relatively new settlement that grew as the port expanded. Souda Bay is one of the deepest natural harbors in the Mediterranean, so now Souda port is the arrival point for ferries from Piraeus. There is also a naval base located in Souda. The central town square, where Souda Plaza Collection lies, was reconstructed in 2020 and is right next to the port. Souda is a well-served suburban area with shops of all types and some renowned fish restaurants. Some of the area’s most interesting places are located a few kilometers from Souda Plaza Collection.



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The regional unit of Chania is ideal for a summer vacation, featuring amazing beaches, stunning mountains, imposing gorges, traditional villages, picturesque cities, and unique historical and archaeological sites. The area has a rich history, and due to its many cultural influences, various architectural landmarks, monuments, and buildings are worth visiting. The city of Chania is home to an outstanding old town, a symbol of its multicultural identity with romantic alleys leading to the vibrant and colourful Venetian port. Chania is also an incredible place to visit any time of the year to indulge in life’s simple pleasures.

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It is not hard to have a relaxing vacation in Crete while enjoying the warmth of the wonderful Greek sun and uninterrupted views of the seascape, and there is no better feeling than diving in crystal-clear waters! Souda Plaza Collection will become your favorite vacation destination since it is ideally located near the highway exit, leading either to the island’s eastern, western or south sides, with magnificent clear water beaches.

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Cretan cuisine

Cretan cuisine is not just food but a way of living. One of the healthiest cuisines in the world, the traditional Cretan cuisine has been based since ancient times on simple local ingredients like excellent olive oil and wine, cheese, wild herbs, fish, seafood, goat or lamb meat, and seasonal vegetables and fruits growing on the island. Each ingredient has its own taste and value. The Prefecture of Chania is the perfect culinary destination since you can taste many traditional dishes like gamopilafo, chochlioi, kalitsounia, and ntakos, but also some creative Cretan cuisine fusion plates inspired by the freshest Cretan raw materials!

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